Making Older Better in the Workplace and Beyond

Making Older Better in the Workplace and Beyond

Making Older Better in the Workplace and Beyond

Making Older Better in the Workplace and Beyond

Speaking Events

Dr. Kerry Burnight captivates the hearts and minds of her audiences and inspires change against ageism with each of her talks. From how companies can be more inclusive of all ages to how employees can embrace personal growth and connection, her topics are sure to enrich conversations around aging and promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace.

2 in 3 adults age 50+ in the labor force think older workers face discrimination based on age.


1/3 of older adults in the labor force report hearing negative comments about an older coworker’s age.


22% of workers believe age discrimination begins when workers hit their 30s and 40s.


Group Workshops

Interested in hosting a group workshop? Let Dr. Kerry lead your team to greatness through productive discussions and activities to address unconscious biases and see how we can make growing older better, together! Discussions can be tailored to talking through beliefs on aging as well as more personal discussions, such as sharing uplifting and practical information on our parents’ aging and our own aging.


“Everything Dr. Kerry says makes sense and the joy she brings into this world makes life better for everyone in her sunlight!”

Cary Wallin

VP Business Development Progyny, Inc.

“Dr. Burnight is a visionary leader, driven by a passion and mission.”

Parker Wells

Principal Owner at Care To Stay Home

“I appreciate Dr. Kerry and her words of wisdom and advice!”

Chelsea Bakewell

Director of Strategic Accounts at GrandPad

“It’s palpable in Kerry’s expression how much she cares. Glad she’s out there making a real tangible difference.”

Patrick Joseph Roden


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